Introducing our new series of All-in Direct Drive UTT Lockstitch Machine 3190K with totally an Exclusive body outlook.

Features :

Direct drive system with integrated control box and operation panel onto machine body

  • Excellent responsiveness for comfortable sewing
  • Low power consumption – energy saving by up to 70% compared to an ordinary clutch motor
  • Needle positioning setting – can be set upper/lower position
  • Speed can be adjusted at your preferable speed – user friendly design
  • Low vibration, Less noise & Less heat generation – environmental friendly design
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Automatic Foot Lifter
  • Automatic Needle Position
  • Automatic Backtacking


  • Direct Drive Servo Motor provides high Accuracy and Efficiency as  compared to ordinary motor.
  • It’s Auto Thread Trimmer Function reduces the processing time and thread consumption, thus increasing productivity & reducing production cost.
  • It’s back-tacking function reinforce the front and back stitch-ends.
  • The speed control function allows the sewer to adjust sewing speed at any comfort level. It’s ideal for beginner.
  • The needle position setting can set the needle in up/down position – no need to adjust by hand wheel
  • The highly reliable Japan made Hook improves seam quality & sewing performance.

  • The LED light keeps the workplace illuminated


  • Can save up to 70% energy compared to ordinary clutch motor
  • Fast acceleration and precise positioning
  • User friendly operation panel
  • Comfortable operation with low noise & low vibration
  • Improves work efficiency
  • Easy maintenance


  • It’s efficiency & accuracy  provides stress-free operation
  • The integration of control box and operation panel with the machine head simplify the setup procedure
Model 3190K-20C- T4J 3190K-30C- T4J
Application Light to medium weight materials Medium to light-heavy weight materials
Max sewing speed 5000 rpm 3500 rpm
Max stitch length 5mm 5mm
Presser foot lift
10 mm
13 mm
10 mm
13 mm
Machine head Driving System Direct drive motor with built-in control box & operation panel Direct drive motor with built-in control box & operation panel
Motor power 550W 550W
Automatic thread trimmer Yes Yes
Automatic reverse Yes Yes
Automatic foot lifter Yes Yes
Automatic Thread Wiper Yes Yes
LED Light Yes Yes
Needle Type 1955-01 #9 ~ #14 1955-01 #16 ~ #18

Examples of suitable materials and processes