Office Wall Organizer

Finished Size

18 x 24 inches


• 11/8 yards 44/45-inch-wide cotton stripe
• 1 yard 54-inch-wide 12–14 oz. denim
• 1/4 yard 18-inch-wide clear vinyl
• 1/2 yard 44/45-inch-wide heavy-weight fusible interfacing
• 18 x 24-inch piece foam stabilizer
• 7/16-inch metal grommet kit with hammer
• .005mm monofilament thread
• Fabric-glue stick
• Make It Fancy! Option:
#8 pearl cotton
embroidery needle
• Basic sewing supplies and equipment


Refer to Cutting Layouts provided on pattern insert for specific cutting instructions. Trim away selvages on fabric before cutting pieces.

From cotton stripe:

• Cut across the width:
5 (3-inch) pocket trim A strips.
4 (31/2-inch) binding B strips.
• Cut 1 (9 x 18-inch) grommet panel C rectangle.
From denim:
Note: Denim has a directional nap. Follow the cutting
instructions so your pockets will face the same direction.
• Cut 2 (18 x 24-inch) exterior D rectangles.
• Cut 1 (10 x 9-inch) pocket E rectangle.
• Cut 1 (8 x 11-inch) pocket F rectangle.
• Cut 1 (7 x 18-inch) pocket G rectangle.
• Cut 1 (3 x 18-inch) pocket H rectangle.

From clear vinyl:

• Cut 1 (8-inch) pocket I square.
• Cut 1 (51/2 x 4-inch) pocket J rectangle.

From heavy-weight fusible interfacing:

• Cut 1 (10 x 9-inch) interfacing E rectangle.
• Cut 1 (8 x 11-inch) interfacing F rectangle.
• Cut 1 (7 x 18-inch) interfacing G rectangle.
• Cut 1 (3 x 18-inch) interfacing H rectangle.
• Cut 1 (8 x 17-inch) interfacing K rectangle.
• Cut 1 (31/2 x 17-inch) interfacing L rectangle.

Make It Simple!

Use a 1/2-inch seam allowance and 90/14 needle and stitch right sides together unless otherwise indicated. Refer to Basic Sewing Techniques for trimming seam allowances, backstitching, topstitching and bar tacks.

1. Fold and press a pocket trim strip in half lengthwise.
Unfold the strip and press long raw edges to the center. Refold along center fold and press trim flat. Repeat for all pocket trim strips. Set aside.

2. Use a 1/4-inch seam allowance and 80/12 machine needle to stitch binding strips together on short ends in one continuous strip; press seams open. Press in half lengthwise. Set aside.

3. Center and fuse interfacing K to wrong side of grommet panel C following manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Press 1/2 inch to wrong side on long edges. Use glue stick and hot iron to hold in place.

5. Fold grommet panel in half right sides together, matching folded edges. Stitch side seams, backstitching at each end. Trim corners.

6. Fuse interfacing L to one side of grommet panel close to top fold to reinforce grommet holes (Figure 1).

7. Turn grommet panel right side out; press. Referring to Figure 2, mark a horizontal line 1 inch from top fold on back of grommet panel and vertical lines 11/2 inches from each side seam and 81/2 inches from right-hand-side seam.

8. Center a grommet over the intersections of the marked lines and trace the inside of the grommet with a fabric marker. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete installation of all three grommets. Set aside completed grommet panel.

9. Fuse interfacing E, F, G and H to the wrong side of corresponding pockets.

10. Insert and pin pockets E, F, G, I and J top edges between folds of pocket trim strips. Insert and pin top and bottom edges of pocket H between folds of pocket trim strips. Note: For the most efficient use of trim, use one strip for pockets F and G, one for H, and one for E, I and J.

11. Cut the remaining trim strips into 131/2- and 101/2-inch lengths and set aside.

12. Topstitch pocket trim to pockets close to bottom edge of trim and along the upper fold. Trim strips even with raw edges of pockets.

13. Referring to Figure 3, mark stitching lines 31/2 inches from left edge of pocket F; 2, 31/2 and 51/2 inches from left edge of pocket G; 6, 10 and 131/2 inches from left edge of pocket H.

14. Use the edge of your point turner to crease a line 2 inches from bottom edge of pocket I. If you wish to embellish the pockets with hand embroidery, follow the Make It Fancy! instructions on page 55 at this point.

15. Spray-baste exterior D pieces to the front and back of the foam stabilizer.

16. Mark pocket alignment lines on front of D panel across the width at 91/2 and 101/2 inches from bottom edge.

17. Change machine needle to size 100/16 needle and change top thread to mono filament thread.

18. Align and baste pocket F to right-hand edges of denim panel with bottom of pocket aligned with upper marked line (Figure 4).

19. Stitch along marked line on pocket F to divide pocket, backstitching at top edge, referring again to Figure 4.

20. Position vinyl pocket I over pocket F, aligning bottom edges. Baste pocket I sides to D panel. Stitch pocket I along scored line 2 inches from bottom edge.

21. Align and baste pocket E to left edge of D panel and bottom of pocket along upper marked line referring again to Figure 4.

22. Center 131/2-inch length of pocket trim over pocket E and F edges at center of denim panel (Figure 5). Topstitch both sides of trim, close to edge, encasing the raw edges of pockets.

23. Align and baste pocket G to bottom edge of D panel referring to Figure 6. Stitch on the three marked stitching lines on pocket G, backstitching at the top edge.

24. Position and baste vinyl pocket J to the lower left corner of the denim panel over pocket G referring again to Figure 6.

25. Center the 101/2-inch length of pocket trim over the pocket G and J right edges starting at the lower marked horizontal line on the D panel. Topstitch both sides of pocket trim close to edges encasing the raw edges of the pockets.

26. Align lower edge of pocket H on D panel at lower chalk line, enclosing remaining raw edges of upper pockets (Figure 7). Stitch pocket H to panel along sides and lower edge. Stitch on marked lines on pocket H, backstitching at top edges.

27. Stitch binding to front of D panel, mitering corners. Connect the ends of binding with a straight seam. Turn binding to the D panel back and handstitch in place covering seam.

28. Mark a horizontal line 2 inches from top edge of the back of the D panel. Align folded bottom edge of grommet panel on marked line and stitch to denim close to folded edge.

29. Turn the denim panel right side up and stitch in the binding seam to secure the grommet panel (Figure 8).

30. Hang wall organizer from grommets using picture hangers or hooks.

Article by: Annie’s

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